Print any Doc to TIFF or PDF for free.

Microsoft word to to export to TIFF or PDF

Why does Microsoft Word not let you output to PDF or TIFF by default? This seems so simple. Any way I needed to do exactly that on a PC and I didn’t want to pay the $60 that many plug ins want. Instead I found a free solution at They have a program called pdfcreator that allows you to print any doc to a pdf or image. Its easy to install and there was no spywear. Plus it works with most of my applications. Now I can even print a web page to JPEG. Actually I can print to PDF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, PCX, TIFF, PS, EPS, TXT, PSD, PCL, Raw and SVX.

Here is how it works.

1. Download PDF Creator here,

Download PDF Creator

2. Open the doc you want to save as an image and hit the print command.

Print your doc to image

3. Select PDF Creator as your printer.

Select PDF Creator

4. The PDFCreator window will pop up. You can change setting here for different doc types to save to and more. Make all the changes you like then just hit save.

PDFCreator window

That’s it. You new TIFF or PDF is saved.

Overall this is a very simple and pretty powerful tool. Know of any other options for Windows?