iPad Printing

Printing from the Apple iPad

My family bought me an iPad for my birthday. Its a great gift. At first I thought I would not really use it but now I find that I’ll pick up the iPad most of the time rather then opening up my MacBook when I am not doing real design work. It works perfectly for most simple tasks, especially going through my RSS feeds. The one piece that is really missing and would make the iPad much more useful to me is the ability to print to my networked printer. I’ll often grab my iPad to look up direction but since i cant print them I hit a bit of a wall. I could also love to be able to print airplane tickets an receipts from the iPad. I’m sure some one will eventually come out with the ability to print but I really hope that Apple does it so that I will be able to print from any app.

There are actually a few apps in the iTunes store that say they will allow you to print but none of them seem to offer the flexibility needed for general printing.