Gorilla Mobile Coupon Flyer


As part of a larger customer retention and acquisition program, I was hired by Gorilla Mobile to create a mailer that incentives current users to invite their friends to also use Gorilla Mobile for international calls. The concept was simple. Send them physical coupons that they can then hand out. When some one signs up using the coupon code they will get a free trial and the referrer gets $5 in free calls added on to their account. This is what people like to refer to now as a viral ad campaign, marketers used to call it something else. Columbia house ring a bell?

These campaigns can be expensive when on a tight budget so we decided to selectively send these print pieces to “power users” that would benefit immediately from the offer. All other Gorilla Mobile users received the same campaign offer but in the form of an email.

In addition to this print piece I also designed campaign specific landing pages and emails.