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How to code a Google Buzz this Button


I was playing with Google’s new Buzz social sharing tool today. My first question, how to create a link that will send updates or share content from my site to other peoples Buzz feed?

Buzz feels like twitter but its already integrated with all my other Google tools so I would probably use this more. On the flip side I am not a big twitter user so I am not sure I will be broadcasting what I ate for breakfast on Google Buzz either. What I do use Twitter for is to allow users to post articles from my sites to their streams. This type of activity has been growing tremendously on both Twitter and Facebook. While I find these posts to be clutter in my social stream I do see them as a great way to grow a website. Now for the big question, how to build a share this button that will post to Google Buzz?

From what little information is available about the Google Buzz api, it seems like this may not yet be possible with out some work arounds or hacks. If anyone has found a simple way to code a Google Buzz this button drop me an email and I’ll post it here and of course give you credit.

The concept of a buzz this link or button is a bit different then a tweet this button. Twitter is more of an accessible stream and is not by default as intertwined with a users email inbox. Google Buzz has the potential to get into a users email inbox more often. While this can be great when you are trying to share some relevant information, it will probably make users feel more accountable for the messages or links that they share. The share this clicks will go down but since users Buzz streams may be less cluttered with the junk that plagus Twitter and Facebook, messages that are buzzed should get a better response.

This will be interesting to watch especially as Google introduces more API functionality to Buzz.

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Buzz This Link Code

Here it is, the code you can use to post your content to a Google Buzz stream.<url you want to share>&title=<Title of page to share>&srcURL=<Main url>

Try it with this article. Click Here to Buzz This ยป

Google Buzz This Button for WordPress

If you want to add a Google Buzz this button to your WordPress theme use this code.

<a href=”<?php the_permalink();?>&title=<?php the_title();?>&srcURL=<?php bloginfo(‘url’);?>” target=”blank”>Google Buzz This</a>

  1. CULLEN says:

    Great Post, I like to see someone with an open mind! I think what google has realized is the 2 different mind sets. One is the person how visits Facebook and is “wasting time” and one who sees the importance of social media but wants to “save time”. With that in mind once using a social network becomes more of a “task” people will look to streamline it. For instance, how much time over a year can you save with it being integrated into your email. You get a comment and you can respond. I would no longer need to open a new browser tab, click the facebook icon or link, sign in and then respond. As well as google is actualy trying to help you figure out what is “sound” and what is “static”. If they can really find a way to stop spam and irrelevant social streams like they did with Search, This could really be an amazing tool. Sure it would be another piece of the net google would control but If they make a quality product and I can save time by logging in to all the tools with my same ID and password, then I’m all for it.

  2. James says:

    Day 2 with Google Buzz. I really like how Buzz acts like a folder in my inbox. I find it very unobtrusive but allows me to access the stream quickly whenever I feel the need. As a Google email user I am really liking this so far. I am a bit torn about Buzz automatically adding all my friends to my buzz feed. Love it because immediately I was receiving interesting posts from my friends but I was also was a bit weary of posting as I was not sure whos buzz inbox this would be posted to. I am also not necessarily sure I am interested in receiving buzz from everyone that is in my contacts. This will just take some getting used to, the same way I am now comfortable with gChats functionality.