Designing For SEO

Analytics Screen Grab from an SEO Website

Working for a start taught me the value of every click. Looking around the web I see many sites that don’t take the simple steps needed to make their site much more search able by Google, Yahoo and Bing bots. Of course the basic rule of SEO in my book is to simply have good content on your site. If you have that then there are some simple steps to take to make sure your content is search able and in the correct hierarchical arrangement so that it makes sense to a search bot. What is the first thing a bot will hit on your page? What is the second thing? Removing all graphics and presentation layers will allow you to see your pages as a bot sees it. It’s actually very simple.

These are the things that I think about when I am designing a site. Its important to know about these issues from the very start of a project otherwise a beautiful design may have to be changed so that users can find your site.

Things to pay attention to when coding your site for SEO.

Title tag

Your title tag should describe your page content. It shouldn’t just be your company name.

Description Tag

Exactly what it sounds like. Describe your page content. This needs to be different for every page so if you site is templated watch out for this.

Keywords Tag

Keywords that relate to the content of your page. Like photo tagging.Image optimization – I’ve had sites get 80% of their traffic from images placing first in Google image search. Don’t ignore your images.


This one is a bit harder to do. You don’t need lots of pure links to your site. You need reputable sites to link back to your site with the proper link formatting.

Site content

This is the easy one. Write relevant fresh content. Would you want to read your own site?

Site map

Google gives you a free tool for making these.

Domain names

Maybe you cant make your domain more relevant but your url structure should make sense.

That’s it, or at least that gives you a vague idea of what you need to do.
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