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How to Delete Apps on Facebook

I got really frustrated today when I added an application to my Facebook account by accident, well half accident. Adding the app was not the frustrating part. Deleting the application from my account is what got to me. There is no apparent way to do it. After a search on Google I found out how […]

Upright Coffee Web Site Design

I have just started planning and layout out the new design for Upright Coffee New York. Its going to be a really fun project as there will need to be an e commerce section added as well as a bunch of new content. First things first, I need to create a new look. The current […]

Free PDF Editor for Mac formulatepro

I just spent the last few hours trying to find a simple editor for PDF files that will let me type text on top of a scanned file. I tried everything. For some reason I cant even seem to find a trial version of Adobe Acrobat online. I didn’t want to pay $60 for such […]

iButterfly in America

Just saw this video for iButterfly a very cool iPhone app. I totally love the idea. Beutifully designed and looks like fun. The ides ia that there are different virtual butterflies all over japan that you can only see with the iButterfly app installed on your iPhone. When you see a butterfly you can capture […]

How to style Select dropdown with css only

I’ve been searching for a way to stylize a <select> drop down menu with only css. I’m working on a site that wont allow me to use any Javascript. My first choice would be to use jQuery but on this project the rule is, no jQuery! I’ve come up with a solution that works in an […]

Falcon Motorcycles Los Ageles

I’ve been working on my 1976 Triumph motorcycle for a few years now but I think I may have to switch directions after seeing these bikes. These guys are really building some amazing custom rides out of the shop in LA. Check them out www.falconmotorcycles.com Falcon Motorcycle has a nice image gallery here »

Naum Medovoy

I just started working on my uncle, Naum Medovoys site. There is only a place holder for now but you can get a glimpse of some of his amazing paintings. Check out Naum Medovoys artwork »

iPad Printing

Printing from the Apple iPad.

Facebook Fan Page Design

Custom Facebook Fan Page Design I’ve been targeting social media a lot lately and found one of the best ways to leverage Facebook is to create a custom fan page. Facebook will let you customize many different aspects of the page with images and video. Here is a customer acquisition page created for freeglobeload.com. Check […]

Shin Chan Cartoon

I Love Shin Chan I’ve been powering my way through Shin Chan on Hulu. If you like the Family Guy or the Simpsons your going to love this. Shin-chan is a Japanese manga and anime series written by Yoshito Usui.


Download WordPress 3 I’ve been developing more and more complex websites using WordPress as a CMS lately. I find that building themes for WordPress is faster and easier for me then on any other CMS I have played with. WordPress 3 will take wordpress as a CMS to new levels allowing me to make more […]

Google Buzz This Button

How to code a Google Buzz this Button I was playing with Google’s new Buzz social sharing tool today. My first question, how to create a link that will send updates or share content from my site to other peoples Buzz feed?

Eco Friendly Pilot Pen Refills

Feeling good today. Instead of buying new pens for my office I ordered refills. Cut the price almost in half and now we aren’t throwing away all that plastic. Here is a nice online store for Pilot G-2 pen refills. http://www.stationeryart.com/pilot-namiki-pilot-refill-05mm-black-p-647.html

Lego Matrix

I always thought that when I grew up I would spend all my money on Legos. I still may to that now that I have seen this. View on Youtube »

Shopping Cash Back Programs

Today I became interested in the various cashback programs available online. The idea is very simple. I need to buy something from an online store. Those stores will pay a commission to any site that will send me their way. A cashback site sends me to online shopping sites like Buy.com or Amazon using their […]

Tim Burton at MOMA

The Tim Burton exhibit at MOMA.

DVD Menu

A DVD menu design for my motion graphics portfolio.

Rainy San Francisco

Took some nice photos of the rain storm today in San Francisco. Market Street was flooded for a while.

Designing For SEO

Here is how I can help your site rank higher with search engines.

The Cheapest Way to Buy Farmville Cash

What is the most cost effective and cheapest way to buy Farmville Cash?