Facebook Fan Page Design

Custom Facebook Fan Page Design and Code

Custom Facebook Fan Page Design

I’ve been targeting social media a lot lately and found one of the best ways to leverage Facebook is to create a custom fan page. Facebook will let you customize many different aspects of the page with images and video. Here is a customer acquisition page created for freeglobeload.com.

Check it out http://www.facebook.com/FreeGlobeLoad

Facebook Customer Acquisition Form

A Facebook customer acquisition form is a great way to gather information about customers that find you through your Facebook page. Many companies that promote their products and services on Facebook find it difficult to keep in touch with their customers outside of Facebook. By capturing a viewers name and email with one of my custom built acquisition forms you can gather all the information you need to contact you customer base. Need help setting up a fan page. Send me an email and I can help out me@danielneumann.com