Budget.com Travel Genius

Budget Rental Travel Genius

Campfire hired me to create this micro-site for Budget rental car. Why not help customers organize all their travel plans? Allow users to arrange travel modules to customize the type of travel plan site that works best for them. Make it compatible with other widget sites like iGoogle, Pageflakes and Netvibes. Everything you need for your trip in one place from a name you know.

This site fit into Campfires larger pitch to rebrand sections of the budget rental car site to help user plan their travel more effectively with out having to visit many different web destinations. In addition to creating this microsite we also created some banner ads to promote this sites new functionality.

Banner concept for the Travel Genius site.

We came up with this great little flash banner game. Its Tetris but with the cars acting as the different shape pieces. In banner games are a great way to raise awareness about a new product.

Budget Rental Car Tetris Banner