Shopping Cash Back Programs

Today I became interested in the various cashback programs available online. The idea is very simple. I need to buy something from an online store. Those stores will pay a commission to any site that will send me their way. A cashback site sends me to online shopping sites like or Amazon using their affiliate link. When I complete a purchase on the shopping site the cash back site get a percentage of the sale. Then the cashback site that referred me shares their cut with me.
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Tim Burton at MOMA


I can’t wait to get back to NY to check out Tim Burton at MOMA. Makes me feel like doing some Play Doh stop motion rite now.

DVD Menu


At one point I was interviewing at MTV for a motion graphics position. They wanted a DVD of my work. This was my chance to use a photo I took of myself during my finals at Parsons. I apparently develop hives when I am extremely stressed (fortunately I seem to have grown out of this). I decided to use those hideous hives as navigation for my DVD portfolio. I had to add a few more dots to get all my work in. Still find it funny.

I used Apple’s DVD Studio Pro to create this as iDVD was much too limited for the complexity of the design.

Aryty Administration Tools


In addition to creating the user facing end of Aryty I created an interface for all the back end operations. Customer service, email generation and management, viral messaging, and photo approval all needed to be built for the initial launch.

This admin site was a simple solution that allowed everyone on the team to maintain their part of the site from one administrative tool. Roles were assigned to limit access to certain tools depending on the users needs.

This tool was made to grow with the site improving on site analysis and tracking as it grows.

Product Development


Notes taken while planning the Verizon FIOS site (don’t worry there were more).

I like planning all my projects on paper before I touch the computer. This frees me from thinking too much about the technical issues involved or what I can and can not do.
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Successful Email Campaigns


Over the years I have created hundreds of emails and sent out millions. The key to a good email campaign is A/B testing everything. Its hard to know exactly what will click with a user.
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Aryty Winter Commercial

I created this 15 second advertisement for Thanks to Motomichi for creating the initial animations. This commercial was aired on ABS-CBN the Philippine cable channel for about 6 months with slight alterations for season.

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Verizon FIOS Branding Pitch

Verizon Meets Brilliant

Working with Draft FCB and R/GA I art directed on a new branding campaign for Verizon FIOS high speed internet. These were the final designs selected by Draft and R/GA to be used as mood boards for all FIOS branding from print to web to TV.
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Rainy San Francisco

Rain on Market Street

4027700612_cc18e0f062_s 4027700388_ae35d55f94_s 4027700204_f4256703c9_s

Took some nice photos of the rain storm today in San Francisco. Market Street was flooded for a while.

Designing For SEO

Analytics Screen Grab from an SEO Website

Working for a start taught me the value of every click. Looking around the web I see many sites that don’t take the simple steps needed to make their site much more search able by Google, Yahoo and Bing bots.
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Aryty Website

Aryty Website allows users outside of the Philippines to purchase mobile airtime and remit it to their friends and family in the Philippines. Aryty combines multiple SMS, billing, and telecom systems into one smooth easy to use SMS and web interface.
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The Cheapest Way to Buy Farmville Cash


There are a lot of posts on the web about the economics of Farmville. Mostly they are helping you decide which crops make the most sense to buy with your Farmville Cash. What if I want to buy Farm Cash? What is the most cost effective and cheapest way to buy Farmville Cash?
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Paste without Formatting in Firefox Mac

Copy Plain Text Mac Firefox

I have a new favorite Firefox add-on. Its called “Copy as Plain Text” and it does one thing. It allows me to copy text in Firefox to my mac’s clipboard with out the formatting.
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Sally Hansen Website

Sally Hansen Website Redesign

An elegant redesign to the Sally Hansen beauty products web site. The focus of this project was to turn the former static web site into an interactive, informative destination where cosmetic related questions were answered.
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ParaPro Brand Identity


ParaPro is an in home paramedic service aiding the sick and elderly in NYC. I provided them with the basic elements needed for their brand identity. An elegant logo using common medical icons helped them establish a presents quickly in the nursing assistance community.
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Nextel Banners and Landing Pages


While working at TBWA\Chiat\Day I had the opportunity to art direct and produce more Nextel banners and landing pages than I can remember. Working on the same client for awhile has its advantages beyond getting a free phone.
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Gorilla Mobile Commercial

One of the most popular call destinations for the Gorilla Mobile long distance service was the Philippines. To get the word out about GM’s crystal clear service to the Philippines we lowered the call rate and launch web and TV ads to promote the new rate.
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AMEX / Boys and Girls Club Website

Boys and Girls Club of America by AMEX

American Express donated $750,000 to support the organization’s goal of providing safe places for children to learn and grow. Additionally, they launched a website for Card members to make donations directly to BGCA.
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A problem for was that its customer base was very spread out and hard to target in the United States. only services Filipinos living in the US and Canada who had relatives living in the Philippines.
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