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A problem for was that its customer base was very spread out and hard to target in the United States. only services Filipinos living in the US and Canada who had relatives living in the Philippines. Targeting a demographic that specific becomes very difficult with conventional means of advertising like TV and print.

I create a viral site in the Philippines for that would give Philippine users incentive to contact their relatives in the US to join Not only was targeting everyone in the Philippines easier it also proved to be much less expensive.

The concept was simple. Join and invite your friends. For each friend that you invite in the US, you earn a free recharge sent directly to your phone. For every 8 qualifying Filipinos that you recommend to the Philippine site, Aryty will also give you a free recharge. This web site become the fastest acquisition tool for Aryty.

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In addition to designing the customer facing site I also developed back end tools to manage the sites functionality. Take a look at the Aryty admin tool »